The old city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. 
There is simply no other city in the world matching the true beauty of this well preserved fortified medieval city perched on the Adriatic Sea.  If you were to have an architect draw up plans for your own personal city on the Adriatic in Europe, this would be the one.  I trust you'll make plans to secure your cabin on the M/V Barbara (with only 15 cabins) as we sail for 7 nights and island hop through incredible Dalmatia including 3 pre-cruise nights in Dubrovnik.   
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I'd be lying if I told you this was just another destination to travel. Without a doubt one of my most favorite destinations in the world; Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley are truly magical and something you must experience in your lifetime. 
Make your plans now to join us and see this true wonder of the world coming up in 2016 
Hagia Sofia, one of the great religious buildings in the world; approximately 2000 years old.  Turkey is an incredible destination overflowing with history and amazing sights from world class coastline to Cappadochia and the tribal lands in Central Turkey
Istanbul, a thriving city of 15 million people, some say it's even 20 million.  So much to see and learn, splitting two continents, you must add this country to your 
"Bucket List" of places to see.

Argentina and Chile - The Great Horns of Patagonia
One of the world's last great frontiers.  If you've been to Alaska and the top of the world then you should definitely see the bottom of the world.  The Great Horns of Patagonia are worth every mile to get there and you'll be amazed at the sheer beauty and untouched wilderness this land has to offer.
Begin in one of the worlds great original classical cities; Prague in the Czech Republic.  City of 100 Spires.
  Tour in and around Prague visiting many of the Jewish current and historical sites. Travel to Moravia and the town of Brno and visit the smaller historical villages. An awesome program is on tap.  Mark your calendar and make your plans now to join us!
Spend a week sailing up the Amazon River from the great jungle city of Iquitos - no roads in, no roads out, this city of 250,000 inhabitants is only assessable by plane or via the great Amazon River.  This is the old Rubber Capitol of the world, long retired now and has since been taken over by Brazil.
Sail in luxury in a classic South American made wooden river boat modeled from an earlier era.  Daily excursions on high powered long boats into the jungle in search of wildlife is unmatched by anyone else on the river.  If you enjoy bird watching and love the great outdoors, this is a marvelous trip to take.
Other great destinations I have traveled and led groups;

Eastern & Western Europe
Sailing the Greek Isles
Sailing the Dalmatian Coast
Russia & great waterways
Cappadochia and the tribal lands of Turkey
China and Sailing the Yangtze River
Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands
Tahitian Polynesia
The Caribbean Islands
The Bahamas
Mexico & Baja California
The Great Western US
Sailing the Great Lakes
Sailing the Mississippi River
Czech Republic Experience 
The Peruvian Amazon
Perfect Patagonia
Istanbul, Turkey & Cappadocia
Machu Picchu & The Sacred Valley
Croatia and The Dalmatian Coast
Alumni groups and various associations I have led;

Cal Berkeley
Cal Tech
Lehigh University
Emory University
Northwestern University
University of Ohio
University of Indiana
Purdue University
Pittsburgh State University
University of Washington
University of Arkansas
University of Illinois
University of Kansas
University of Michigan
University of Wisconsin
University of Texas
University of Idaho
University of Oregon
University of Tennessee

National Geographic
Chicago Museum of Modern Art
Newark Museum of Modern Art
Santa Barbara Museum of Art

and many more

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CUBA October 2017 !
This October, travel to the land of Fidel and spend a week exploring this once "off-limits" to American's island. Join us for another Fine Travel Experience