The World is an open book and those who do not travel read only one page

Nearly 30 years of traveling the world and I'm still hungry for more.  The older I become and the more I learn it seems the less I know. The more places I see and experience the bigger I realize the world      to be.  The more I become aware  of the world the more I realize how little I know of it.  How many places I still have to go - how much more there is to learn.  Maybe that is enlightenment enough?  To know there is no final resting place of the mind, no moment of smug clarity.  Perhaps wisdom for me is realizing how small I am and how far I have yet to go. Please join me in my quest.

Travel with me and I'll bring you along on an incredible 

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I put myself in your shoes while touring.  I talk and disperse information when necessary, lead where necessary and then let the local guides do their job. I'm conscience of what it feels like to be in that back seat on the bus or the person whose room isn't quite ready at the hotel after a long day of touring.  You are a name not a number with me, you are a friend and a valued guest and at the end of the day I'd like you to feel that's true.  My absolute goal on tour is to provide you with world-class service while touring world-class sites and give everyone my undivided attention regardless of the circumstances.  
My reputation is on the line and despite the many travails of travel, I have a sincere passion for my job and I let it show.  It is second nature for me to be traveling and showing off the worlds greatest sites to my guests whether it be Machu Picchu in Peru, walking the ancient streets of Ephesus in Turkey, or Monument Valley in southern Utah.

These custom, "one-off" tours are personal, intimate, educational as well as cultural experiences.  You will meet the locals, spend time with them, experience sites well off the beaten "tourist path" while having expert, knowledgeable, local guides handpicked by myself leading you through the sites.  

I personally ensure all details both small & large are in place throughout your experience. Your tour, unlike any other "group tour" is a world class-personal adventure you will not find elsewhere. Limiting the group size to only 20 guests or less to keep it intimate and personal allowing more access to exclusive sites.  

Join us on our Peruvian Experience in November 2016 
Please read on and take a moment to download and review the itinerary posted on the subsequent pages. 
This next program is surely to be another "Fine Travel Experience" and you'll be delighted you 
made the decision to travel with us securing memories and friends that last a lifetime.