I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world

Travel with me and I'll bring you along on an incredible 

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As a tour leader, I put myself in your shoes. I talk and disperse information when necessary, lead where necessary and then let the local guides do their job. My absolute goal on tour is to provide you with world-class service while touring world-class sites and give everyone my undivided attention regardless of the circumstances. My reputation is on the line and despite the many travails of travel, I have a sincere passion for my job and I let it show. Traveling is second nature for me, I simply love showing off the worlds greatest sites to my guests whether it be Machu Picchu in Peru, walking the ancient streets of Ephesus in Turkey, or Monument Valley in Utah.

These custom, "one-off" tours are personal, intimate, educational as well as cultural experiences.  You will meet the locals, spend time with them, experience sites off the beaten "tourist path" while having expert, knowledgeable, English speaking local guides handpicked by myself leading you through incredible sites.  

I personally ensure all details both small & large are in place throughout your experience. Your tour, unlike any other "group tour" is a world class-personal experience. Limiting the group size and chartering small ships to keep it intimate and personal allowing more access to exclusive sites and small ports.  

​This unique program is currently in the works. Tour dates for the Croatian Experience are June 12-22, 2025 Actual sailing dates are June 15-22, 2025. Your departure from the USA will be June 11th. This provides plenty of time to plan ahead. The will be a 10 night, 11 day program with the opportunity to extend to Platvice National Park. Clicking on the Croatian Experience tabs above will provide further details. 

The Cruise portion will be on the beautiful S/Y Barbara, a 134 foot work of art 3-masted sailing yacht with only 16 cabins. Timing is of the essence to secure our week on board the ship, we must act now! This beautiful boat  sells out long in advance which is why we are needing to secure it as quickly as possible. This is a one-time only opportunity to cruise on our own terms along the Dalmatian Coast island hopping from Dubrovnik to Split. If you have yet to see Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast, this is the way to go! A classic sailing vessel and the trip of a lifetime

I am excited to share this opportunity. History comes alive along our journey with Venetian and Romans ruins nearly everywhere we look. Nearly every day we are visiting UNESCO world heritage sites from Former Emperor Diocletian to what is called the oldest city along the Dalmatian Coast, a town called, Budva, in Montenegro. This is sure to please the most avid European history lover, photographer, or unique travel seeker. Incredible accommodations, food, history & natural beauty will be our "Modus operandi" for an extended week in Southeast Europe. 

Make your plans now and join on this incredible FTE program. Cabins are limited
Please read on and take a moment to download and review the complete itinerary posted on the subsequent pages. This program is surely to be another "Fine Travel Experience" and you'll be delighted you made the decision to travel with us securing lifelong memories and new friends.